Sectors That Benefit from Our Expertise & Experience Integrated Risk & Security Services Specialists

At Lead Element International, we have extensive experience and knowledge in security and risk mitigation. We operate internationally, with experience all around the world.

We are a solution driven security company with experience and expertise working across a wide range of sectors and industries.

Our aim is to deliver an unrivalled bespoke service to our clients’ specific needs, prioritising professionalism and trust.

We have a team of skilled professionals who are ready to listen and understand your requirements. We can offer advice and guidance on the most effective measures to safeguard your interests worldwide. Adapting to what our clients need in uncertain times, we continue to deliver security and support in a wide range of sectors around the world.

  • Physical Security Guarding
  • Close Protection Security Services
  • Global Travel Security Services
  • Global Travel Risk Management
  • Medical Risk Management
  • Medical Care & Equipment
  • Security Consultancy
  • Security Surveys & Audits
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Planning & Advice
  • Security Systems & Technology
  • Intelligence Services
  • Hostile Environment
  • Crisis Response
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Sectors That Benefit Somalia

Charities & Humanitarian Sectors

Often working in areas of depravation and devastation due to war, famine or natural disasters, charities and humanitarian organisations need security and support to protect their personnel and assets.

Attacks on aid workers increased throughout the 2000’s in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. One of the key obstacles to humanitarian access is insecurity. The safety and security risks posed can undermine efforts towards sustainable development and other priorities.

Aid workers are exposed to a wide range of threats, ranging from physical assault and abduction to harassment. These risks not only disrupt the continuity of operations, thus hindering people’s access to life-saving assistance and protection, but also pose a grave danger to the lives of aid workers themselves.

Lead Element International continues to provide invaluable physical security and support to charities and humanitarian organisations across the globe where and when they need it most.

Our security services include:

  • Protection of personnel and assets
  • Addressing insecurity challenges
  • Ensuring safety and security
  • Mitigating risks and threats
  • Implementing security protocols
  • Training for staff members
  • Establishing secure communication channels
  • Collaborating with local authorities
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Charities & Humanitarian Somalia

Defence Contractors Sector

Lead Element International has been assisting the Defence sector for many years by offering a diverse range of services, including risk management, mobile and static security, training, as well as project support services such as medical aid, life support, and communications.

We collaborate with our clients at every stage of the project's life cycle, including the bidding and delivery phases and we ensure adherence to all contractual obligations while maintaining accurate records to facilitate future auditing. Our approach is flexible and we strive to meet the evolving needs of our clients throughout the project.

Protection of Classified Information and Technology:

  • Safeguarding classified data and technology
Access Control Measures:
  • Implementing strict access control protocols
Employee Background Checks:
  • Conducting thorough background checks for employees
Physical Security Measures:
  • Implementing robust physical security measures
  • Ensuring cybersecurity to protect sensitive data
Secure Transportation:
  • Safely transporting materials and equipment
Risk Assessment and Mitigation:
  • Conducting risk assessments and implementing mitigation strategies
Compliance with Regulations:
  • Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards
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Defence Contractors Somalia

Diplomatic & Embassy Security Services

In addition to close personal protection teams, static and mobile security and explosive detection dog teams, Lead Element International specialises in offering hostile environment training designed specifically for diplomatic personnel.

Our situational awareness teams build relationships with other agencies and gather intelligence to identify potential threats. We provide intelligence-led security services for our diplomatic clients at their Embassies or Consulates, Ambassadors' official residences and while on the move.

Our services include dedicated threat monitoring and close collaboration with official internal and external channels to ensure that our teams remain informed about current risks and threats.

Physical Security Measures:

  • Perimeter security, including physical barriers and surveillance systems
  • Access control measures for personnel, visitors, and vehicles
Personnel and Response:
  • Deployment of trained security personnel
  • Recognition and protection of diplomatic immunity
  • Developing emergency response plans and practicing preparedness
Surveillance and Intelligence:
  • Installation and maintenance of surveillance systems
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of threat intelligence
Collaboration and Coordination:
  • Establishing strong relationships and coordination with local authorities and security agencies
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Diplomatic & Embassy Security Somalia

Oil, Gas & Mining Sector

Here at Lead Element International, we understand the difficult business, operational and security challenges faced by the extraction sector.

We possesses a proven track record in supporting industrial security across all phases of operations, offering unparalleled protective services and training. Industrial sites often face disruptions to company operations and local and regional security issues, as well as safety concerns for employees. Working conditions, site regulations, economic crime and the risk of reputational damage from activists are all significant factors.

  • Challenging objective in remote/high-risk locations
  • Increased terrorist activity targeting oil and gas infrastructure
  • Aim to gain notoriety and control over valuable resources
  • Geopolitical factors contribute to the challenge

Lead Element International provides a comprehensive and established suite of security risk management and protection services for the oil, gas, and mining industries, supporting the exploration, development and maintenance of operations in various regions worldwide.

We offer end-to-end protective services and assurance, addressing all forms and stages of hazard and risk exposure. Our approach involves identifying suitable mitigation measures and risk responses while aligning with our client's existing QHSSE procedures, ensuring a seamless integration.

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Oil, Gas & Mining Somalia

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Sector

The healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors face unique risk profiles. The broad range of applications in this sector necessitates stringent security measures.

Laboratories and pharmaceuticals are particularly lucrative fields, with high insurance premiums associated with research equipment and machinery, medical and scientific professionals and chemicals. Given the potential risks, the security measures implemented must be adequate to safeguard against forced entry and sabotage, with a particular focus on threat detection and delaying.

  • Press, environmental organizations, and activists pose challenges
  • Pharmaceutical sites require high standard of physical security
  • Sophisticated teams and technological systems needed
  • Integrated and smart property control necessary

Lead Element International provides a comprehensive and established suite of security risk management and protection services for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, supporting the research, development and maintenance of operations in various regions worldwide.

We offer end-to-end protective services and assurance, addressing all forms and stages of hazard and risk exposure. Our approach involves identifying suitable mitigation measures and risk responses while aligning with our client's existing QHSSE procedures, ensuring a seamless integration.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Somalia

Media Sector Security Services

Lead Element International are experts at providing risk management and security services for media organisations. Our specialised services are a perfect match for the diverse and dynamic nature of the work involved.

We have earned the trust of major media broadcasters as a reliable supplier and we recognize the importance of implementing comprehensive security risk management protocols, particularly for teams operating in challenging and isolated locations, including those that may pose security risks.

Our services encompass a range of specialised offerings, including travel risk management, security consultancy, close protection and medical coverage, tailored specifically to media teams working in various locations worldwide, including developing, complex and hostile regions. Our team of experts provides invaluable advice regarding each location, as well as the journey leading up to it, to ensure the safety and security of media personnel at all times.

Digital and Information Security:

  • Protecting against cyber threats and data breaches
  • Safeguarding sensitive information and sources
  • Implementing secure communication channels and encryption

Journalist Safety and Crisis Management:

  • Ensuring physical safety of journalists
  • Providing safety training and equipment
  • Developing crisis management plans and protocols

Threat Assessment and Mitigation:

  • Conducting risk assessments and identifying potential threats
  • Implementing mitigation strategies to minimize risks

Access Control and Content Security:

  • Controlling access to media facilities and premises
  • Protecting intellectual property rights and preventing unauthorized distribution
  • Ensuring secure storage and transmission of media content
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Media Sector Somalia

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) frequently work in demanding circumstances to aid the world's most vulnerable populations.

In order to accomplish this mission, NGOs must have direct access to the communities they aim to serve, while simultaneously maintaining the safety and security of their personnel. Moreover, these organizations operate within fixed budgets and must be mindful of their reputation. Recognising these sensitivities, Lead Element International offers conscientious program management services that enable projects to succeed while also being culturally sensitive and risk averse.

Lead Element International provides a comprehensive and established suite of security risk management and protection services for NGOs supporting the vital work they carry out worldwide. We offer end-to-end protective services and assurance, addressing all forms and stages of hazard and risk exposure. Our approach involves identifying suitable mitigation measures and risk responses.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment:

  • Identify potential threats, vulnerabilities, and security gaps.

Staff Safety and Support:

  • Ensure personnel well-being, safety training, and provision of necessary equipment.

Security Protocols and Guidelines:

  • Implement procedures for travel, communication, and operations to minimize risks.

Local Context Understanding and Collaboration:

  • Gain insights into local dynamics. Collaborate with authorities and communities.

Information and Data Security:

  • Protect sensitive information and beneficiary data with secure management systems.

Crisis Response and Preparedness:

  • Establish response plans, conduct drills, and maintain readiness for emergencies.

Continual Evaluation and Adaptation:

  • Regularly review security measures, identify areas for improvement, and adapt strategies accordingly.
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NGOs Somalia

Why choose Lead Element International for your specialist sector security requirements?

As an established international security company, we pride ourselves in the strong relationships we build. We put our emphasis in delivering a unique and cost effective security solution to all our clients.

Our clients benefit from an international security company with a track record of integrity and professionalism and all our physical security, risk management and mitigation services are of high quality and cost effective.

You can rely on our expertise and professionalism when it comes to quality security solutions.

  • All former Armed Forces Personnel
  • Fully trained, licensed & accredited
  • Extensive security & risk mitigation experience
  • We operate nationally and internationally
  • Industry experience across multiple sectors
  • Tailored security solutions to suit all clients
  • High quality service you can depend on
  • International Law and Regulations Compliant
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